2016 - 2017 Academic Year
MCB/ECH 294 Schedule

2017 Winter Schedule

All seminars are scheduled from 11:00am to 12:00pm unless otherwise stated

January 13, 2017
LSA 1022

Organizational Meeting
Dr. Judy Kjelstrom - Co-Instructor, Biotechnology Program & DEB Program Coordinator
Prof. Karen McDonald - Co-Instructor, ECH
Co-Prof. Ray Rodriguez - Co-Instructor, MCB

January 20, 2017
LSA 1022

Genes, Climate, Data: Feeding the World Sustainably
Shawn Stricklin, PhD, Global Vegetable R&D Analytics Monsanto Company, Woodland

January 27, 2017
LSA 1022

The Indie Bio Experience: Turning University Research into a Viable Product
Marc Pollack, DEB Student
Microbiology Grad Group
Falk Lab
Presentation here

February 3, 2017
LSA 1022

Untangling Tau: Targeting Tau with Antibodies for Alzheimer's Disease
Gai Ayalon, PhD
Scientist, Department of Neuroscience,
Genentech, South San Francisco

February 10, 2017
LSA 1022

From concept to reality - a case study using transgenic chickens
Robert J Etches, PhD, DSc

President & CEO, Crystal Bioscience
, Emeryville

February 17, 2017
LSA 1022

Developing Industrial production of Terpenes: From an Antimalarial Drug to Fuels, Specialty Chemicals and More
Chris Paddon, PhD,
Principal Scientist, Amyris Inc., Emeryville

February 24, 2017
LSA 1022

Fermentation for life: the passion, the vision, the heartbreak
Gian Oddone, PhD, Group Leader, Bioprocess Technology, Marrone Bio Innovations, Davis

Former DEB Student & NIH BTP Fellow

March 3, 2017LSA 1022

Innovation in Agriculture: Beyond seeds, traits, and chemicals
Sekhar Boddupalli, PhD

President, Intrexon Crop Protection,

March 10, 2017
LSA 1022

March 17, 2017
LSA 1022



From bench to bedside - what it really takes to bring a medical device to market
Gina MacBarb, PhD, Product Marketing Manager, Si-Bone, San Jose

Former DEB Student

Exosome-based Theranostics
Johnathon D. Anderson, PhD, Exosome Team Leader, Institute for Regenerative Cures, University of California Davis Medical Center

Former DEB Student & NIH BTP Fellow




Reports are due by 5 pm on Friday, March 24, 2017